A Restaurant from the Perspective of a Dishwasher

A long and sumptuous dinner at a high-end restaurant can be considered a form of therapy, and is part of the reason why, at the end of a good meal (along with the food itself, of course, as is prescribed in great doses) the patron feels so very calm, relaxed, satisfied, open and at-ease. Though, like psychiatry/therapy, it is something only members of a certain class can afford…


Now India (7 Minutes to Sunrise)
The first sounds of the morning are of tuk-tuk and taxi engines as they come to life, their honking horns alongside the footsteps of the …
Duality: On Conscience and Guilt
The morning. Baby and I arrive in Berlin just after eight. It’s raining. A cold mist cleaves the streets. We left early and our eyes …
The Persistent Appeal of Fascism
If we aren’t careful, true Fascism will grow and take hold in this country – not Nazi thugs on the streets in their brown shirts …



Real websites, fake news | TiltMN | Adrian Daniel Schramm

Real Websites, Fake News:
The Rise of Digital Misinformation


The Depths of Finer Things
The first time I died, Ima tells me, the sun flared its great, fiery disc and swallowed the whole world in a moment. And everything …
Bury Me in St. Paul
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Not For Sale
Gogo was raised by her uncle, whose name was George Sale, after her mother died and her father left for Africa. Her father never returned …



A Restaurant from the Perspective of a Dishwasher
It is nearly Christmas. The end of the year is drawing to a close and I realize I will again be late on rent at …
Searching for Something New to Taste
Going out to a restaurant is not only about the food: It's a unique culinary experience.
Things Eaten and Enjoyed
Good food is meant to be eaten and enjoyed. We cook and we go out for dinner, eating everything and anything that fills us with …


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