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Introduction: Odi et amo

This project first began in 2015 – as we watched the terrorist bombings in Paris, Beirut, Tunis… and the retaliatory bombings on Raqqa and other areas of a Syria already war-torn and plagued with violence. As we watched the world’s greatest military powers fight the Daesh without any plan for peace-making after while abandoning basic civil liberties at home: The subsequent escalation of internal security and intelligence measures in our own societies, which too reduced freedom and trust among people and government, were enacted without thought for the improved integration of marginalized communities and at-risk individuals. This, coupled with the continued rise of the Far Right, and the growing fear and denial of millions of refugees fleeing civil war in their home countries…


Bury Me in St. Paul
It is a warm and humid night in summer. The sound of dogs barking on the street. The sound of crickets from the brush and …
The Seasons
My memories are made of brick and cement and glass. My dreams are bathed in the waning sunlight of an autumn day. Long shadows creep …
To Be So In Love
A woman said that love is freedom. That love is falling and flying and falling and catching and getting back up together. That love is …
When the World Becomes Water
Water is not something you can hold onto. It's not something you can grasp, or something you can build a house on. But you can …
Some Things Are Not For Sale
Gogo was raised by her uncle after her mother died and her father left for Africa. She always said that she could dissolve into a …
It would be safest if you ran
There is a focus on borders and walls in these current times, and consequently, a rise in scared xenophobia. Or is it the other way …
Lazy Days, Falling Asleep, Stuck in School, Dreaming
It's something that makes too much sense. Like watching a car crash/auto accident and subsequent fistfight on an LA highway, or M&Ms after getting high …
The Cruelty of Children
There are those who say that cruelty is learned, and not inherent – the result of trauma and abuse. Freud's view was that it occurs …
Why I Like the Rain
Sometimes grandma just sits at the edge of the window sill. Rocking back and forth. Like she would in her rocking chair wen she was …


Now India (7 Minutes to Sunrise)
The first sounds of the morning are of tuk-tuk and taxi engines as they come to life, their honking horns alongside the footsteps of …
The Persistent Appeal of Fascism
If we aren’t careful, true Fascism will grow and take hold in this country – not Nazi thugs on the streets in their brown …
A Festering Past
Germany has addressed its past in ways most countries, especially the United States, have not: A sort of national psychoanalysis to keep something like …
The Future of Love
It will only be a matter of time before the accessibility and readily-available nature of A.I. partners will supersede the time and effort it …
The Guilt of Tangential Crimes
Raised after the fall of the Berlin Wall and USSR collapse, my relationship to a divided Germany, and of the war that led to …
An Unfinished Look at Desire
We all know the things we want. We lust, we hide, we lie, we cheat, we need. We desire. It's inherently, truthfully, human.
Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Our Obsession with Permanence
Take a picture: Something memorable, kinda cool, or not really that interesting at all.
For the Record, Antifa =/= Nazis
Antifa has become a much-maligned group as of late, especially after recent clashes with white supremacists, Nazis, and Confederate sympathizers.
Is The Person Who Makes You Miserable Happier Than You Are?
There are plenty of antidotes to keep you from being miserable, until we discover the answers lie inward, not outward.


Searching for Something New to Taste
Going out to a restaurant is not only about the food: It's a unique culinary experience.
Things Eaten and Enjoyed
Good food is meant to be eaten and enjoyed. We cook and we go out for dinner, eating everything and anything that fills us with …
’86’ Clothes
When tension that could be cut with a knife was used to make noodles instead. When we still wore clothes.
Apple sweet, coffee dark & bitter
We all need to eat. Food will always be an important part of our lives. We all have our own stories and memories; our own …
Thoughts on Cooking At Home
Cooking rice from a big bag of it in the corner. Often potatoes, and canned black beans. Tomatoes if we were lucky, though they never …
Restaurant Light for Food, Fantastic and Categorical Phantasm
The smells and tastes of food root deep into the memories we'll hold onto when we're old.
Food & Sex & Everything In Between
It's been said that food is better than sex. It's not better than sex, but the sensations, the appetites, the hunger do come pretty close.
When I Think of Food
I think about the plate, empty, washed by someone with wrinkled fingers forever reeking of sweat and astringent of cleaning chemicals, to be full again.
After We Eat
The meal, consisting of something from the garden, something from Lake Superior, and something that Ralf across the table killed with his hands, is over.

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