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Serving real internet since 2015. No clickbait, no falsehoods, no advertisements, no clutter.

With the onslaught of global news and information, how do you keep up? It’s often hard to follow the things going on in your own backyard let alone issues from across the country, the other side of the world, or beyond the infinite.

In the first chapter of Tilt, TiltMN, we want to help with all of it. We seek not only to keep you informed on local issues, and the best people, places, and things happening around you, but also bring you national and international news and information clarified through a local lens. How does the proposition of a hyper loop passing through Slovakia affect you? We’ll do our best to tell you. Whether it’s thoughts about the best local restaurants, news about the healthiest food trends, ideas about the latest technological advancement, or information on international issues that seem so foreign they can’t possibly matter to you (but they do), we’ll have it all covered for you here.

And we can always use a new point of view. Anything interesting happening that you know about, or want to share? Or more importantly, anything you think we’ve missed? If you’ve got a tip, you’ve got a Tilt. Get in contact below.

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