The things eaten and enjoyed

ISSUE 5 | JUL. 2023

Food is not dumb. Food is a language that everyone knows how to speak. Sometimes it’s a slice of pizza or bowl of pasta. Sometimes it’s sliced cheese and chocolate cake. A chicken sandwich eaten with our hands. It can be the food eaten together at weddings and funerals in church surrounded by other people. Food that provides us comfort or hope. And, when you’re hungry, there is nothing more important than finding something to fill your stomach.

The Food Issue: In the 5th issue of Berlin Geist Literatur we will discuss all things food and drink – from restaurants and the people who work in them, to a remembrance of the things our parents and grandparents cooked for us long ago, to the impact of farming, delivery, and grocery store systems on our neighborhoods, cities, and the greater world around us.

A photo of a woman cooking things for the Food Issue of Berlin Geist Literatur.

Food, like most things necessary to survive, is political – and often politicized.

Our stance, as always, is one of equity: No human deserves to go hungry, especially as grocery store shelves are full. As the number of people facing food insecurity and outright starvation continues to grow, we dedicate ourselves to a world where empty stomachs do not exist.

Even this, however, can often be a controversial statement. In a world where food is withheld in the name of profit, leaving some 40 million Americans food insecure or outright starving, it can be hard to even discuss ensuring food for all without ruffling the feathers of America’s liberals and conservatives alike.

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