Why I like the rain

Science says if things move fast enough, they disappear.

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a redefinition of culture


What is it like to be so in love?

A woman said that love is freedom. That love is falling and flying and falling and catching and getting back up together. That love is not what was before, but what will be tomorrow.

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When the world becomes water

Water is not something you can hold onto. It’s not something you can grasp, or something you can stand or build a house on. But you can float, swim, boat, ride waves like California and Florida and Hawaii.

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Not for sale

Gogo was raised by her uncle after her mother died and her father left for Africa. She always said that she could dissolve into a glass of water when he yelled for peace and quiet.

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’86’ Clothes

When tension that could be cut with a knife was used to make noodles instead. When we still wore clothes.

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It would be safest if you ran

There is a focus on borders and walls in these current times, and consequently, a rise in scared xenophobia. Or is it because of xenophobia that there is a focus on borders and walls?

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The future of love

It will only be a matter of time before the accessibility and readily-available nature of A.I. partners will supersede the time and effort it takes to impress a real one.

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