Music Festivals, April-May 2016: Coachella, Jazz, and music much closer to you

Music Festivals, April-May 2016: Coachella, Jazz, and music much closer to you

Spring is the start of music festival season. Coachella is just about here, starting April 22nd and running through the 24th in Indio, California. The festival comes every year in mid-April, and is one of the largest and best-known music festivals in the country for pop, EDM, hip hop, etc.

You’re spending a pretty penny for festivals like this, as, unless you live or have family near Indio, you’re paying for lodging as well as admittance. Full packages can run into the thousands-of-dollars range, and general admittance starts at $399. But none of that matter anyway (unless you already bought tickets/were planning on going), as it is already all sold out. Ah well.


Outdoor shows dominate warm weather months

It’s the New Orleans Jazz Festival starting April 22 as well. For anyone wanting to visit our friends at the other end of the Mississippi, this two-weekend festival is the largest of such in the country. It features more than just the jazz music the city is known for (though that is still the focus); artists like Beck, Snoop Dogg, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Pearl Jam and more will lend their sound as well.

But you shouldn’t have to fly cross-country to find quality music events, although there is nothing in Minnesota the size of Coachella. They tried with River’s Edge Fest in 2011, but these types of days-straight-of-giant-national-act festivals are pretty costly for organizers. And they don’t always have a solid ROI. River’s Edge, held St. Paul’s Harriet Island, was scrapped (put on “hiatus”) after its first year.

No need to despair, however. Soundset is relocating this year to the State Fair Grounds, which is a major improvement over the oft-soggy Canterbury Festival Field in Shakopee. This is one of the best hip hop festivals in the Midwest certainly, if not the country. Tickets are still available and can be found here (although VIP tix are already sold out) for the show on Sunday, May 29This year’s headliners include Atmosphere, A$AP Rocky, Future, The Roots, Common, Prof, Doomtree, Aesop Rock, and many, many more acts both local and national.

But for the closest festivals of the Coachella caliber, it looks like we are going to have to commute to Somerset for Summer Set come August, or Bonaroo in June and Pitchfork July (both not too far away in Chicago). We’ll update you more once those dates draw closer.

A few smaller things to get excited about locally: Lissie at the Pantages Theater on April 23, and Ellie Goulding (with Years & Years) at the Xcel Energy Center on May 5, and the Silversun Pickups also on May 5 at Myth.

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Music Festivals, April-May 2016: Coachella, Jazz, and music much closer to you