If you like balls, especially when made out of meat and served for dinner, then look no further: This simple, delicious and incredibly versatile recipe for meatballs will hit the spot every time. Make this anytime of year and serve it with your favorite pasta, veggies, potatoes, or do the right thing and make my Boomer Gravy, with some braised kale or bok choy. These balls are also great skewered and grilled over charcoal or hot wood.


Classic Minnesota Meatballs, yield: 6 servings


2lb ground pork

1lb ground grass fed beef 80%-85% lean

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1T Onion granulated powder

2t Garlic granulated powder

1T Dried basil

1T Dried oregano

1/2t ground nutmeg

2t Black pepper

2T Salt


Place all ingredients in kitchen-aid mixer or non-reactive mixing bowl and mix until thoroughly combined.  First put in eggs and meat and then sprinkle in spices to prevent them from clumping.  Cook a small piece of the mixture to check for salt content.  You may need to add more salt, depending on the fat content of the meat used.

Once mixture is amazingly mixed because my instructions are flawless, begin to portion it for balls.  I use a small ice cream scoop to portion and then make sure to roll each portion into a nice tight and smooth ball about 1.5”- 2” in diameter.  Just the right size

to cup two of them say, in your hand, for example.

Now, you can either lay these out on a sheet tray with an oven rack, equally distanced apart and roast at 425f until the internal temperature of the balls reaches 145f.  Or if you want a make a gravy or sauce to go with them you’d want to sear them in a solid frying or sauté pan with 2T of grapeseed oil on medium high heat.  Rotate them every few minutes and then place pan in oven to finish at 350f or place balls on a sheet tray with an oven rack to finish them off right.  Then be smart and reserve ball drippings for my Boomer Gravy recipe or quick garden tomato marinara or a mustard sauce or to cook potatoes in.

If you don’t finish the meatballs off, store them in an airtight container for a little quickie for lunch.

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