A redefinition of culture from St. Paul, MN | The writings of Adrian Daniel Schramm | Annorum 2015 – 2020
A photo of Adrian Daniel Schramm

Adrian Daniel Schramm

Adrian Daniel Schramm graduated from Hamline University in 2010 with an English degree. He has spent the years since as a journalist, editor, content writer, and author in St. Paul, Minnesota. Many of his stories have been published in both print and online publications, including the St. Paul Almanac. One of these stories, titled “School Bus Bullies, Superheroes, and Why I Remember the Kitchen,” was selected by TPT and turned into a short film as a part of their Rewire series.

Adrian has long had an interest in sharing the stories of the under-represented. As one of the founders, and current Editor-in-Chief of the Twin Cities Agenda (www.tcagenda.com), he crafts, edits, and shares such stories from the Twin Cities and beyond. He also offers content writing, web design, and SEO services low-income and small business clients through papers.media.

TiltMN is his personal project.

Raised between Stuttgart, Germany and St. Paul, Minnesota, the author gained a unique perspective: His German grandparents lived through the Third Reich, and his grandfather was a member of the Hitler Youth as a young boy – he then deserted the Youth at risk of death. His American grandparents, conversely, were born into the Middle-West of the United States during the country’s Great Depression.

While both sides understood the fervent nature of patriotism in their time, their experiences with nation and place, and the pride we are meant to feel about our heritage, were very different, and offer contrasting points-of-view from opposite ends of the Atlantic Ocean.

Exploring these roots – how fascism, racism, xenophobia, and nationalism drive inequality often to murderous ends throughout history and today, and how a turn toward the values of Socialism might be the only way to address a diseases society and political system – is the goal and mission of TiltMN.